Why Are You Letting Competitors Win?

I see it every day. Some companies are missing out and their competition is reaping the rewards.

How did I notice this? I research my clients and their competition using a variety of specialized software that analyzes everything from on page optimization, keywords and phrases you should be optimizing for, backlinks you have and backlinks you should get and a whole list of other things, including online advertising. I can see, with a simple mouse click, who is advertising for what terms, how much they are spending, and how many people are clicking. I can also see who isn’t doing online pay per click advertising and just how much business they are potentially missing out on. Businesses should really have a better understanding of what the benefits of good online advertising are and who the people are who can help.

What is Pay Per Click or PPC advertising?

When someone searches on Google, Bing or Yahoo, they are presented with natural or “organic” search results under and next to paid search results. On Google, the first three entries at the top of the page are marked as ads. These may also continue down the side of the page. Someone is searching for your product, and an ad is shown to them. If they click on the ad, you pay a small amount. If they don’t click, you don’t pay. Pretty neat right?

It gets even better though. In addition to bringing instant traffic to your website, you are advertising to people actively searching for your product. Compare that to other forms of advertising that are passive and reaching people who may not even be interested in your product. A typical magazine or newspaper ad may run into thousands of dollars and you have no way to verify that anyone even viewed it.

Another advantage to online advertising is the ability to turn it on and off at a moment’s notice. Feeling overwhelmed by the number of leads you currently have? It’s easy to drop the ad budget down a bit, or even turn it off until you get caught up. Need more leads? Add a little more to the budget and get instant, highly targeted traffic to your website.

And by using a PPC Protect alternative program as an extra layer in the PPC puzzle, you can even give yourself peace of mind over the question of click fraud, helping you focus on strengthening the reach of your business. Measure the return on your investment with accurate tracking throughout your website. Whether you’re looking to capture leads, or sell your products in your online store, PPC advertising will work for you.

  • PPC advertising means verifiable traffic to your website.
  • Only pay when someone clicks.
  • Reach people actively searching for your product.
  • Instant website traffic.
  • Don’t pay when people don’t click – unlike other forms of advertising that are passive.
  • Stop and start whenever you’d like.
  • Spend $25 and get $100 credit.

Let’s be clear. Your competition is using PPC advertising even if you aren’t. Your customers are seeing their ads at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I have a special offer from Google Adwords (Google’s Pay Per Click ad platform). When you spend just $25, you’ll get an account credit of $100. Do the math there and you’ll get $75 of free Adwords advertising to try it out.

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