Spring Cleaning and Your Website

Spring cleaning is that annual ritual we’ve all heard about, even we don’t personally take part in it. Once a year, you’re supposed to clean up your house and get into the all the various nooks and crannies. Not just breaking out the bottle of spray and doing a little wiping. Spring cleaning is much more thorough.

You know what else needs a good Spring cleaning? Yep. You guessed it. It’s your website. Technology changes constantly. Remember that phone you had a few years back compared to the one you have now? You can do so much more with the updated phone, not to mention that it looks better to. It’s probably got a larger screen, with better graphics, and using it easier as well.

It’s the same with your website. While you may be getting updates to the back end of your website (you are keeping your software up to date, right?), what about the overall design? Have you come out with a new sales pitch? Have you updated your products? Have you admired features on other website and wondered if you could incorporate it into yours? 

Now is the time to Spring Clean your website. Let’s talk about what needs updating and how that will lead to better rankings in Google and other search engines, and more traffic to your website.