More Than Just Another Dot Com

Did you know there are currently 366 domain extensions other than .com with another 150+ on the way?

If you thought you missed out on getting the best domain name for your business or were going to have to settle for something less than ideal, think again. Maybe you like .business or .associates? Or maybe you’re more of the .cool or .digital type? Is this the year to buy a .democrat or .republican domain name? There’s even .porn which is perfect for websites like if that’s the business you’re in.

Here’s a list of current options and remember, there are more on the way. If you find one you like, let me know and we’ll make arrangements to help you acquire it.

.academy .accountant .accountants .actor
.adult .agency .airforce .apartments
.archi .army .associates .attorney
.auction .audio .band .bar
.bargains .bayern .beer .berlin
.best .bid .bike .bingo
.bio .black .blackfriday .blue
.boutique .brussels .build .builders
.business .buzz .cab .cafe
.camera .camp .capetown .capital
.cards .care .career .careers
.casa .cash .casino .catering
.center .ceo .chat .cheap
.christmas .church .city .claims
.cleaning .click .clinic .clothing
.club .coach .codes .coffee
.college .cologne .community .company
.computer .condos .construction .consulting
.contractors .cooking .cool .country
.coupons .courses .credit .cricket
.cruises .dance .date .dating
.deals .degree .delivery .democrat
.dental .dentist .desi .design
.diamonds .diet .digital .direct
.directory .discount .dog .domains
.download .durban .education .email
.energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises
.equipment .estate .events .exchange
.expert .exposed .express .fail
.faith .fans .farm .fashion
.finance .financial .fish .fishing
.fit .fitness .flights .florist
.flowers .football .forsale .foundation
.fund .furniture .futbol .fyi
.gallery .garden .gift .gifts
.gives .glass .global .gold
.golf .graphics .gratis .green
.gripe .guide .guitars .guru
.hamburg .haus .healthcare .help
.hiphop .hiv .hockey .holdings
.holiday .horse .host .hosting
.house .how .immo .immobilien
.industries .ink .institute .insure
.international .investments .jetzt .jewelry
.joburg .juegos .kaufen .kim
.kitchen .kiwi .koeln .land
.lawyer .lease .legal .lgbt
.life .lighting .limited .limo
.link .loan .loans .lol
.london .love .ltda .maison
.management .market .marketing .mba
.media .melbourne .memorial .men
.menu .miami .moda .moe
.money .mortgage .nagoya .navy
.network .news .ngo .ninja
.nrw .nyc .nz .okinawa
.onl .online .osaka .paris
.partners .parts .party .photo
.photography .photos .physio .pics
.pictures .pink .pizza .place
.plumbing .plus .poker .porn
.press .productions .properties .property
.pub .qpon .quebec .racing
.recipes .red .rehab .reise
.reisen .rent .rentals .repair
.report .republican .rest .restaurant
.review .reviews .rich .rip
.rocks .rodeo .ruhr .run
.ryukyu .saarland .sale .sarl
.school .schule .science .scot
.services .sexy .shiksha .shoes
.show .singles .site .ski
.soccer .social .software .solar
.solutions .soy .space .style
.supplies .supply .support .surf
.surgery .sydney .systems .tattoo
.tax .taxi .team .tech
.technology .tennis .theater .tienda
.tips .tires .today .tokyo
.tools .top .tours .town
.toys .trade .training .university
.uno .vacations .vegas .ventures
.versicherung .vet .viajes .video
.villas .vision .vlaanderen .vodka
.vote .voting .voto .voyage
.wang .watch .webcam .website
.wed .wedding .whoswho .wien
.wiki .win .work .works
.world .wtf .?? .??
.?????? .???? .??? .???
.????? .?? .??? .xyz
.yoga .yokohama .zone