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If you want the best results from SEO, it’s important that your website improves your online performance instead of limiting it. That’s why the first step in our SEO services is to develop and new web design for you.

Our websites are proven to convert, are responsive, and are optimized for mobile devices.

We design websites using the best and latest SEO practices. By performing comprehensive keyword research, we identify keywords that drive traffic to your website, and leads to your business.

After the design is complete, each page is optimized for one keyword theme, implementing a complete, onsite optimization strategy.

Promote Your Website Online

From there, we share your website across the internet using tools such as social media and Google Webmaster Tools. We also create and manage your business information on over 50 local business listing websites.

Get found on Google and Bing more often

A major factor in SEO success and engaging content that attracts your target audience. We provide you with one to four pieces of content every month. Each item targets a specific area and keyword/phrase. As more content is added, you cover more searches and increase your visibility.

Get found on Google and Bing more often with SEO services for your business. Our SEO services are proven to provide long lasting results.

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Take a long, hard look at your current website design. Does your website look dated or unprofessional? Is your web design responsive to mobile devices and tablets? Do you have quality content that leads to qualified customers?

Just having a website online isn’t going to cut it any longer. You need more traffic, more clicks and more sales. Looks go a long way, especially for retaining first times visitors and great content will keep them coming back.


Web Design

We build on the robust WordPress platform. Build value in your company and expand your reach. More… 

Search Engine Optimization

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Customers that advertise get more business and online advertising is more popular than ever.


Yelp Reviews Under Government Spotlight

People seem to either love or hate Yelp. I know business owners that get major website traffic from Yelp, and others that wish it would just go away already. Many are convinced that the whole system is rigged like a virtual extortion scheme whose sole purpose is to get you to spend money advertising on Yelp. Some business owners have even gone so far as to sue Yelp reviewers over bad reviews.

Last month, a Yelp reviewer was ordered to pay a business $1000 after leaving bad reviews on Yelp and another local website. The court says the comments went beyond free speech and into defamation.

Yelp responded by  adding “We frequently find that a better course of action, rather than suing your customers, is publicly responding to a critical review in the same forum.”

Do SLAPP lawsuits like these stifle free speech? Congress has decided to look into it further. This last week, a special Senate committee was held to discuss “How Gagging Honest Reviews harms Consumers and the Economy” and the Consumer Review Freedom Act.

What do you think? What should businesses do when people leave them bad reviews? What if the reviews aren’t accurate?

2016 Online Marketing Trends

I love how everyone can predict the marketing trends for a year that hasn’t event started yet. According to PC Magazine, Forbes and Internet Magazine, we’re going to seeing some changes to the online marketing landscape during the next year. Let’s peek into their crystal ball and see what the 2016 has in store for trends in online marketing:

Video Marketing Will Be Number 1

Video ads aren’t new. Facebook and other companies have been offering video ads for awhile. What’s different about 2016? Expect to see video advertising via various Google properties. It appears they are getting onboard with it as users are becoming more accepting of it.

App Indexing

Having a dedicated app for your business looks to be a benefit for SEO has Google will continue to index and rank apps. Will apps replace mobile versions of websites? Perhaps if they are intuitive and convenient enough, and used often enough to justify that space they take up on your device.

Desktop Will Be Overtaken By Mobile

This year was huge for mobile. Google announced that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 10 countries. A good part of that could stem from Google adjusting their algorithm to lean towards websites with mobile versions as well. Google sees mobile as a primary source of traffic in the future, and so should you.

Digital Assistants Everywhere

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are popular ways to get your website seen by visitors that never would have otherwise found you. Digital assistants, like Siri and Cortana, are going to lead to a new kind of optimization.

The Emergence of Virtual Reality

You may have already heard of Oculus Rift (high end) or Google Cardboard (low end) virtual reality devices. There are dozens that are going to come on the market in the next few years. The impact on video games and other applications, including social media, video and even messaging, will be hard to miss.

More Wearable Tech

Not just limited to watches, wearable tech will expand further. What new marketing techniques will take advantage of these new venues?

Wix Websites Disappear From Google

Is your website built on the Wix platform? Have you noticed a dip in traffic lately? This bit of info will prick up your ears: Google temporarily removed Wix websites from it’s index. Yikes! Forums have been flooded with users wondering what in the heck happened. Seems it was a goof on Google’s part and they are still solving the issue. In the meantime, Wix users just have to wait it out.

Yet one more reason to have your website built on the robust WordPress platform and own your website yourself. You just can’t rely on “free” services like Wix when you’re running a business.

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