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Rise Festival and 19 other fun things going on in Las Vegas this weekend

*Saturday: Rise Lantern Festival

The evening begins with live music by handpicked local artist that are as much participants as performers. It’s not a concert, our goal is to create the right ambiance for you to relax, eat, drink, and visit with friends as you prepare for your lantern release. During this time you’ll also personalize your lantern with a message, a prayer, a dream, or a resolution.

After sunset, we’ll light your lanterns together and send them skyward. They’ll send the first round of lanterns off in unison. After that you and your friends will continue releasing lanterns at your own tempo for the next two hours.

*Saturday: Boulder City Fall Garden Festival

*Now-Monday: Downtown Container Park Events

The Downtown Container park always seems to have something fun going on. Pink Tutu Zumba anyone? It’s free for first time participants. BYO Pink Tutu?

*Thursday-Monday: World Gay Rodeo Finals

Wild drag race world gay rodeo finals in Las Vegas

Another fun rodeo event at the South Point. Don’t miss the fun of the Wild Drag Race.

*Friday & Saturday: Wine Amplified

*Friday-Sunday: Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival in Las VegasMusic, games, costumes and lots of food.


Free to the public. Fall Fest At The Community Gardens! Join us at the Boulder City Community Gardens for a day of gardening fun! There will be tree & garden workshops, special industry guests, garden artists, seed, garden novelties & plant giveaways, plus tons of fall festival activities for the whole family!

*Saturday: Terrain Mud Run

*Saturday: TAPPS 5k/10k/walk

*Saturday: Las Vegas Japan Festival

Japanese food and performances at the Rio hotel.

*Saturday: Run for the Stars

*Saturday: Operation Jack Elimination Challenge

*Saturday: 25th Annual Walk to Remember

*Saturday: 7th Annual Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Festival

A race to raise money for Breast Cancer. Located at Lake Las Vegas.

*Saturday: 6th Annual Dwarfism Run

*Saturday: Color Me Kind 5k

*Saturday: Imagination Celebration

Music, art and dance at Town Square park.

*Saturday & Sunday: Summerlin Festival of Arts


*Sunday: Lowrider Super Show

*Sunday: LVMPD K9 Trials

What’s Happening In Las Vegas This Weekend

*Wednesday-Sunday: American Quarter Horse Show

The American Quarter Horse Show is at the South Point Hotel from Sept 30th – Oct 4th. It’s free to the public. See cowboys compete on beautiful horses.

*Thursday-Sunday: Las Vegas Greek Food Festival

It’s the 43rd annual Greek Food Festival and only $6 to get in. Children under 12 are free.

Las Vegas Greek Food Festival

*Thursday-Sunday: Downtown Container Park Events

Come down to Family Movie Night or listen to music by a variety of artists. The container park has something for everyone.

Container Park - First Friday

*Thursday-Sunday: Pure Aloha Festival

October 1st – 4th at The Rio. Indulge in carnival rides, live Polynesian entertainment and plenty of food and music.

Pure Aloha Fall Festival at the Rio Hotel

*Friday: First Friday

The usual First Friday events at the Container Park. 13th annual Art Walk. Come on down for authentic Las Vegas arts and culture.

First Friday Art Walk

*Saturday: Las Vegas Hemp Fest

On October 3rd, you can check out 2nd annual Las Vegas HempFest Carnival and Marijuana Expo show located at the convention center. Special appearance by Tommy Chong.

Las Vegas Hemp Fest

*Saturday: One Grand Picnic

A picnic for those in the food and beverage industry. They invite you to come down, eat bbq and drink beer with your industry brethren.

*Saturday: Boulder City Art in the Park

It’s the 53rd Annual Art in the Park festival. Art in the Park is one of the largest outdoor juried art festivals in the Southwest and is the largest fundraiser for the Boulder City Hospital Foundation. The event is held over two days in beautiful Boulder City, Nevada, not far from Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the bright lights of Las Vegas. The event is free to the public, and although Boulder City’s population is just over 15,500, the event draws over 100,000 visitors. 1st through 3rd place ribbons are awarded in Fine Art, Fine Craft and Traditional Craft categories, as well as an overall “Best in Show” winner.

Boulder Art in the Park Festival

*Saturday: Grapes & Hops Festival

Get a taste of fine wines and an interesting selection of beers and food from local restaurants all while raising money for a good cause. Located at the Springs Preserve.

*Saturday: FEARFest Movies in the Park

Watch scary movies in the dark on Saturday from 4 – 8 pm at Stonewater Park in Southern Highlands. Don’t miss out on spooky face painting and a raffle.

*Saturday: Boulder City Group Walk

*Saturday & Sunday: Western Trails Gun and Knife Show

It’s a gun show. With knives. Yep.

*Sunday: Ironman 70.3

As if the running wasn’t hard enough, they also have to bike and swim in order to complete this event. At least the scenery is beautiful. What? I’m just not a runner, but maybe you are?

*Sunday: Free–Nevada Chamber Symphony Concert

On the 4th from 3 to 4:30pm at the Clark County Library, you can treat yourself to the Nevada Chamber Symphony. Listen to both classical and popular favorites. Admission is free but reservations are suggestion due to limited seating. Where else can you listen to great music like this, live, and in such a small venue. Don’t miss.

Nevada Chamber Symphony

*Sunday: Kappa Toys 1st Birthday Party

Another event at the Container Park downtown (see I told you this place always has something going on.) Sunday from 1 – 4pm, check out the toy stores first birthday. Awww. Isn’t it cute? First 100 customers get a treat bag and every gets a bubble dance party on the lawn. Can someone tell me what a bubble party is?

*Tuesday: 9th Annual Safe Night

It’s like trick or treating in a casino and not on Halloween? Throw in some face painting, live entertainment, and appearances by the fire department and Las Vegas Metro Police with safety tips. Don’t forget the costume contest for kids 12 and under. October 6th from 6 – 9pm.

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