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Responsive & Optimized Web Design

If you want the best results from SEO, it’s important that your website improves your online performance instead of limiting it. That’s why the first step in our SEO services is to develop a new web design for you.

Our websites are proven to convert, are responsive, and are optimized for mobile devices. We design websites using the best and latest SEO practices. By performing comprehensive keyword research, we identify keywords that drive traffic to your website, and leads to your business. After the design is complete, each page is optimized for one keyword theme, implementing a complete, onsite optimization strategy.

Promote Your Website Online

From there, we share your website across the internet using tools such as social media and Google Webmaster Tools. We also create and manage your business information on over 50 local business listing websites.

Las Vegas & Henderson Web Design

Get found on Google and Bing more often

A major factor in SEO success is engaging content that attracts your target audience. We provide you with one to four pieces of content every month. Each item targets a specific area and keyword/phrase. As more content is added, you cover more searches and increase your visibility. Get found on Google and Bing more often with SEO services for your business. Our SEO services are proven to provide long lasting results.

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Take a long, hard look at your current website design. Does your website look dated or unprofessional? Is your web design responsive to mobile devices and tablets? Do you have quality content that leads to qualified customers? Just having a website online isn’t going to cut it any longer. You need more traffic, more clicks and more sales. Looks go a long way, especially for retaining first times visitors and great content will keep them coming back.


Web Design

We build on the robust WordPress platform. Build value in your company and expand your reach. More… 

Search Engine Optimization

Attract more customers to your website by targeting the right keywords and phrases. More…

Pay Per Click Advertising

Customers that advertise get more business and online advertising is more popular than ever.


Why do websites require maintenance?

Clark County Graphics specializes in helping small businesses get the right website for their needs. Sometimes this is a simple website with just a few pages, and other times it’s a much larger website, that includes a shopping cart and hundreds of items for sale online. There is one thing that every website needs though, and that’s ongoing maintenance. It’s important that you, as a website owner, understand why.

Invest a little now or lose business later

It would be wonderful if a website, once it was built, worked great forever. If only that were true. Unfortunately, there is no such website. Sites require ongoing updates to the backend software. The internet – the place where your website lives and works – changes every day. The code that your website uses to run smoothly, needs regular updating too.

What happens if you don’t invest in website maintenance?

Your website contains countless lines of code and data. It utilizes various site functions, written by different developers at different time, that is available for free or for purchase online. These developers update their code frequently, keeping up with the changes on the internet we discussed earlier. If your website isn’t regularly updated, it will eventually malfunction. Pages will load slower, or worse, not at all. And more importantly, it’s a huge security risk.

Hackers search for vulnerable websites

It’s the familiar threat everyone has heard about – neglected websites get hacked. Hackers search for vulnerable code. Once it’s found, you’re out of luck. A hacked website can be devastating for a business. Even if the website can be recovered from a backup, any data processed since then is likely to be lost. For many businesses that can mean missing orders or leads.

If you were worried about the cost of maintenance before, the price to fix things now is much higher. Add that to the cost of lost business during the downtime, and it really adds up.

Regular maintenance on your website assures that everything will run smoothly for your website’s visitors, and your business. Without it, little issues will build up. And if the worst happens and your website gets exploited because of outdated code? Expect the worst!

Website visitors expect things to work

Keep your website visitors happy and represent your business the way it should be. Get regular website maintenance completed and your website running smoothly.

Nevada Website Design

We’re a Nevada website design company that specializes in small businesses. We’re here to help you get found online and make a great impression when you do.

We begin by talking to you about your website vision. What do you have in mind? Need a shopping cart included so you can sell things online? Perhaps you have no idea what you really need. That’s why we’re here.

Then, we’ll research the keyword and phrases that will help bring visitors to your website. What is your competition targeting? Should you be targeting that as well?

Next we’ll bring your vision to life with a great website that targets the visitors you’re looking for. We make the whole process easy, even for novices that have never had a website before.

If you’re looking for a local Nevada website design company, contact us for a free consultation and proposal. Let us show you the advantages of using a Nevada website design company like ours. Call us directly at 702-706-3233 or use our online form and get more web design info online.

Panama Papers Breach May Have Been Caused by an Outdated Plugin

You’ve probably heard the recent story on the news about the so called “Panama Papers”. The outed data causing one world leader to resign already, and put the spotlight on a number of other high profile businessmen, politicians and other high profile people. The surprise (or maybe not?!) was that the website seems to have been hacked because of an outdated website plugin.

It turns out that not updating your website can have dire consequence. If that doesn’t convince you that your website needs regular maintenance and updating, I don’t know what will.

Read more about the Panama Papers breach with this report from WordFence. 

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